How to create a debian package

method 1 see also supposing anything-sync-daemon-5.76 contains all package’s files Than simply create anything-sync-daemon-5.76/DEBIAN/control file with a similar content: Package: anything-sync-daemon Version: 5.76 Section: Utilities Priority: optional Architecture: amd64 Maintainer: Gigi Kent <> Description: anything sync daemon then run […]

Compiling anything sync daemon

Environment variables NEW_BUILD_NAME=anything-sync-daemon NEW_BUILD_VER=5.76 NEW_BUILD_NAME_AND_VER=$NEW_BUILD_NAME-$NEW_BUILD_VER ls -l /tmp/$NEW_BUILD_NAME-* ls -l ~/ubuntu_packages/*/$NEW_BUILD_NAME-* NEW_BUILD_NR=0 # rm -r $HOME/temp/$NEW_BUILD_NAME_AND_VER Download and unpack cd $HOME/compile wget tar xpvf anything-sync-daemon-5.76.tar.xz Compilation cd $HOME/compile/anything-sync-daemon-5.76 with systemd use export DESTDIR=$HOME/temp/$NEW_BUILD_NAME_AND_VER;make V=1 install-systemd-all with upstart use export […]

Make ubuntu or applications run faster

See also Check ubuntu startup times systemd-analyze blame /etc/fstab mount | grep -P “^tmpfs.+/(tmp|var/run)” sudo du -sh /tmp /var/tmp; du -sh /********/apps/tmp /********/apps/var/run /run/user/`id -u` /tmp/tomcat 2>/dev/null tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,relatime,mode=1777,size=4G 0 0 tmpfs /var/tmp […]