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JPA inheritance performance improvement

This article is about improving JPA’s performance when working with large/thick hierarchies. Let’s suppose that for some reason you have a similar (or larger) hierarchy to one I encountered in one of my projects: – InheritanceType.JOINED also using DiscriminatorColumn – […]

Compiling google’s mod_pagespeed for nginx

This post is intended mainly to Zyxel NSA310 users. Prerequisites See first for building environment, script and other things not defined here. Before starting do declare the environment variables specified to the link above. Environment & other preparations […]

Linux media conversion

sudo apt install libav-tools webm to mp4 ffmpeg -i “Jurjak – Bucuresti.webm” -qscale 0 “Jurjak – Bucuresti.mp4” ffmpeg -fflags +genpts -i “Jurjak – Bucuresti.webm” -r 24 “Jurjak – Bucuresti1.mp4” -> change to 24 FPS ffmpeg -i “Jurjak – Bucuresti.webm” […]

Linux hardware information

# sources: # RAM sudo lshw -short -C memory sudo lshw -C memory sudo dmidecode -t memory VGA memory sudo dmesg | grep Reserving [ 0.000000] Reserving Intel graphics stolen memory at 0x5ef00000-0x7eefffff compute now using a hexadecimal calculator […]

Linux youtube downloader errors

first, let’s see the youtube-dl error youtube-dl [youtube:playlist] PLEmVsSEEP5HDTSik5ZSyOWz0qsS1tPos_: Downloading webpage [download] Downloading playlist: cantece pt copii in germana [youtube:playlist] playlist cantece pt copii in germana: Downloading 6 videos [download] Downloading video 1 of 6 [youtube] dtZ7U7csvcw: Downloading webpage […]