Linux hardware information

# sources: # RAM sudo lshw -short -C memory sudo lshw -C memory sudo dmidecode -t memory VGA memory sudo dmesg | grep Reserving [ 0.000000] Reserving Intel graphics stolen memory at 0x5ef00000-0x7eefffff compute now using a hexadecimal calculator […]

Linux youtube downloader errors

first, let’s see the youtube-dl error youtube-dl [youtube:playlist] PLEmVsSEEP5HDTSik5ZSyOWz0qsS1tPos_: Downloading webpage [download] Downloading playlist: cantece pt copii in germana [youtube:playlist] playlist cantece pt copii in germana: Downloading 6 videos [download] Downloading video 1 of 6 [youtube] dtZ7U7csvcw: Downloading webpage […]

Comments on Angular 2 router guide!#resolve-guard CanDeactivateGuard is used in CrisisCenterRoutingModule which is part of CrisisCenterModule which is lazy loaded by AppRoutingModule (loadChildren: ‘app/crisis-center/crisis-center.module#CrisisCenterModule’). q: Why should CanDeactivateGuard be declared in AppRoutingModule providers? why not to CrisisCenterRoutingModule providers? guide answer: We also need to add […]

X server and related managers

See also # nice explanation about the entire startx workflow # explanation about sessions # list available desktop environments ls -l /usr/share/xsessions # show current login/display manager cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager # see also lightdm-greeter from Alternatives Configurator: ls -l […]