JPA inheritance performance improvement

This article is about improving JPA’s performance when working with large/thick hierarchies. Let’s suppose that for some reason you have a similar (or larger) hierarchy to one I encountered in one of my projects: – InheritanceType.JOINED also using DiscriminatorColumn – […]

Spring security with kerberos

What is a keytab, and how do I use one? Introduction to Kerberos for Managers Crash Course to Kerberos Appendix D. Troubleshooting JAAS authentication with Kerberos KDC = Kerberos Key Distribution Center TGT = Ticket Granting Ticket TGS = […]

Spring security

HTML translated to java config see also Java Configuration see also <http security=”none” pattern=”/resources/**”/> <http pattern=”/api1/**” create-session=”stateless”> <intercept-url pattern=”/**” access=”authenticated”/> <http-basic /> </http> <http pattern=”/api2/**” create-session=”never”> <intercept-url pattern=”/api2/api21/**” access=”hasRole(‘ROLE_ADMIN’)”/> <intercept-url pattern=”/api2/**” access=”hasRole(‘ROLE_USER’)”/> <http-basic /> </http> <http pattern=”/api3/**”> <intercept-url pattern=”/api3/api31/**” […]

JPA performance Use byte code weaving EclipseLink implements LAZY for OneToOne and ManyToOne relationships using byte code weaving Pagination Use setFirstResult, setMaxResults of javax.persistence.Query. Caching See See <shared-cache-mode> in persistence.xml or javax.persistence.sharedCache.mode property when creating the EntityManagerFactory. See javax.persistence.Cacheable […]

JAXB 2.2.10

see also see also see also – Unofficial JAXB Guide see also How to get simple and better typed binding in globalBindings <jxb:globalBindings fixedAttributeAsConstantProperty=”false” collectionType=”java.util.Vector” typesafeEnumBase=”xsd:string” choiceContentProperty=”false” typesafeEnumMemberName=”generateError” enableFailFastCheck=”false” generateIsSetMethod=”false” underscoreBinding=”asCharInWord”/> fixedAttributeAsConstantProperty fixed attributes will be […]