Create mysql system db

# see also #CREATE SYSTEM DB (first step and mandatory before using mysql) export SRVPATH=/ffp/opt/srv mkdir -p $SRVPATH/mysql/innodb/ mkdir -p $SRVPATH/mysql/innodblogdir/ mkdir -p $SRVPATH/mysql/binlog/ mkdir -p $SRVPATH/mysql/log/ mkdir -p $SRVPATH/mysql/tmp/ mkdir -p $SRVPATH/mysql/data cd /ffp # use your my.cnf […]

Common steps/commands when building/compiling

# These settings are (make sense) for NSA310 storage box with Fonz Fun Plug (FFP). # see also export CFLAGS=”-march=armv5te -mfloat-abi=soft -mabi=aapcs-linux -fno-stack-protector -pthread -O2 -Wall -Wno-error” export BUILD_FLAGS=”$CFLAGS -I/ffp/include” unset LIBS export LDFLAGS=”-L/ffp/lib” export CPPFLAGS=”$BUILD_FLAGS” export CXXFLAGS=”$BUILD_FLAGS” NEW_BUILD_NAME=mpc […]

Recursively remove all empty or almost empty directories

find /i-data/md0/video/ -type d -empty -delete # print files/directories with size less 1M: cd /********/Videos/couchpotato-complete du -sh * | grep -P “\d+K” | awk ‘{for (i=2; i<NF; i++) printf $i ” “; print $NF}’ | sort du -sh * | […]

Linux ps command

Listeaza procesele ce in comanda de start a lor cuprind cuvantul polipo: ps -C polipo -o pid,pcpu,pmem,rss,state,stat,start,time,nlwp,args ps -C stunnel -o pid,pcpu,pmem,rss,state,stat,start,time,nlwp,args ps -C java -o pid,pcpu,pmem,rss,state,stat,start,time,nlwp,cmd ps -C httpd -o pid,pcpu,pmem,rss,state,stat,start,time,nlwp,cmd ps -C php-cgi -o pid,pcpu,pmem,rss,state,stat,start,time,nlwp,cmd Listeaza procesele userului […]

How To Decompress Linux Archive Files

# extract archive: unrar e rar-archive.rar unzip unzip -uo -d ghost -> extract to ghost tar xvzf mkvtoolnix-6.5.0-arm-1.tgz tar xvzf mkvtoolnix-6.5.0-arm-1.tar.gz tar xvzf ffp_0.7_arm_003.zpkg tar xvfp wget-1.16.tar.xz tar xvfJ archive.txz tar jxf libebml-1.3.0.tar.bz2 gzip -cd aria2c.1.gz > […]