Gallery 3

Gallery3 requires mysql and msgpack:
See for learning how to compile msgpack.
The user/group of the php processes (specified in php-fpm.conf) show be the same for gallery3 directory:
chown -R nobody:nobody ~/apache-htdocs/gallery3

After installing gallery3, the login page won't show because a php-fpm core dump: 
you must first clear the browser cache.
See for learning how to analyze php-fpm's core dump.
When visiting dashboard menu you are asked to remove server info; do it in order to access the dashboard.

admin_area_timeout = 999999
thumb_size = 150
page_size = 42
In table graphics_rules for gallery_graphics::resize set width = 150 and height = 150.

Rescan album for images:
- switch to default theme (Gallery Wind)
- go to Gallery page
- menu: Add -> Server add

Some themes insert large BLOB in DB so you need more than 3M for redo logs in mysql:
innodb_log_file_size = 10M

Gallery3 menus:

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