Install linux headers

cd ~/compile
rm -r linux-
rm -r linux_headers
mkdir linux_headers
tar xvzf linux-
cd linux-
export ARCH=arm 
export ARM_ARCH=armv5te 
export CLFS_FLOAT=soft
unset CFLAGS
#For Zyxel NSA310 only:
#Replace /ffp/home/root/compile/linux- with
cp -v /ffp/home/root/temp/build_NSA310/trunk/linux- /ffp/home/root/compile/linux-
make mrproper
make ARCH=arm ARM_ARCH=armv5te CLFS_FLOAT=soft headers_check
make ARCH=arm ARM_ARCH=armv5te CLFS_FLOAT=soft INSTALL_HDR_PATH=`pwd`/../linux_headers headers_install
cd ../linux_headers
#That's all!

#the below is the packaging specific for my Zyxel NSA310
mkdir ffp
mv include/ ffp/
#makepkg findutils version buildnumber
makepkg linux-headers ?
cp /tmp/linux-headers-*.txz ~/ffp_0.7_armv5
funpkg -q linux
funpkg -r linux-headers-
funpkg -i ~/ffp_0.7_armv5/linux-headers-
Table 4.1. ARM Hard Floating Point Versions
fpa		fpe2		fpe3		maverick
vfp		vfpv3		vfpv3-fp16	vfpv3-d16
vfpv3-d16-fp16	vfpv3xd		vfpv3xd-fp16	neon
neon-fp16	vfpv4		vfpv4-d16	fpv4-sp-d16

Table 4.3. ARM Archiecture Choices
armv4t	armv5	armv5t	armv5te
armv6	armv6j	armv6t2	armv6z
armv6zk	armv6-m	armv7	armv7-a
armv7-r	armv7-m	 	 

For ARCH, ARM_ARCH, CLFS_FLOAT values click also here.
Inspired from here.

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