MetaRepository from mijzelf

cd /i-data/md0/admin/zy-pkgs
cd ~/temp
#copy MetaRepository from ~/temp/ZYPKGS within /i-data/md0/admin/zy-pkgs/ZYPKGS
#web_prefix: insert as first line ""
cd /usr/local/zy-pkgs/zypkg_conf
touch status
touch /i-data/md0/admin/zy-pkgs/ZYPKGS 
touch /i-data/md0/admin/zy-pkgs/web_prefix 
#go to Firmware/Packages (only press Package tab, don't Retrieve List From Internet)
#install & start MetaRepository
#notice the new page:
#wait 5s
#press Retrieve List From Internet button

#Help for tools:

2 thoughts on “MetaRepository from mijzelf”

  1. Where is the directory to install 3rd party channels? I can not seem to find it after I install plex.

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