nginx autoindex and apaxy

# I advise you to download apaxy + 
# then replace the urls below with the ones for your server.
# Possible values for:
# defaultSortProperty (string): "name", "parsedDate", "size"
# isDescSort (boolean): true/false
# apaxyIconsRoot (string): the root of apaxy icons dir (e.g. /apaxy/theme/icons/ -> ending slash matters!)
autoindex				on;
autoindex_exact_size	off;
sub_filter				</body>	'<link href="" rel="stylesheet"><script src=""></script><script>apaxyPatchForNginx.setDescSort(false);apaxyPatchForNginx.setDefaultSortProperty("name");apaxyPatchForNginx.setApaxyIconsRoot("");apaxyPatchForNginx.doApaxy();</script></body>';
	sub_filter_last_modified	on;

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