Using PECL

#See for building environment, script and other things not defined here.
#Before starting do declare the environment variables specified to the link above.

#BEFORE RUNNING any "php peclcmd.php install xxx" these also have to be set:
export PKG_CONFIG=/ffp/bin/pkg-config

	configuration option "php_ini" is not set to php.ini location
	You should add "" to php.ini.
	pear config-set php_ini /ffp/etc/php.ini
	pecl config-set php_ini /ffp/etc/php.ini
	Then if you really don't feel like touching your php.ini file:
	pecl uninstall uploadprogress
	pecl install uploadprogress

php peclcmd.php list
php -c /ffp/etc/php.ini /ffp/share/pear/peclcmd.php search msgpack
php peclcmd.php search APC
pecl search APC
pear install CodeGen_PECL
#php peclcmd.php install APC
#php peclcmd.php install intl
php peclcmd.php uninstall xxx

php peclcmd.php install ZendOpcache-7.0.3 -> trebuie specificata versiunea exacta pt ca e o versiune alfa, beta, etc (non stable)
#ZendOpcache creates /ffp/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20121212/ 
#which must be declared to php.ini in php if not compiled with --enable-opcache:

#Compile php whith threads:
./configure --prefix=/ffp ... --enable-maintainer-zts
#install pthreads php-module:
php peclcmd.php install pthreads
#use pthreads php-module in php.ini:

#For viewing ZendOpcache cache:

#do first "BEFORE RUNNING"
php peclcmd.php install APCu-4.0.7

#first do: "BEFORE RUNNING"
#requires php peclcmd.php install igbinary
#requires php peclcmd.php install msgpack-0.5.5
#Varianta asta crapa:
export CC="--with-libmemcached-dir=/ffp --enable-memcached-igbinary --enable-memcached-json --enable-memcached-msgpack --disable-memcached-sasl --enable-memcached-protocol --with-zlib-dir=/ffp"
php peclcmd.php install memcached
#Varianta asta e ok:
cd $HOME/compile
tar -xvzf memcached-2.2.0.tgz
cd $HOME/compile/memcached-2.2.0
#see README.markdown
./configure --help >
./configure --with-php-config=/ffp/bin/php-config --enable-memcached --with-libmemcached-dir=/ffp --enable-memcached-igbinary --enable-memcached-json --enable-memcached-msgpack --disable-memcached-sasl --enable-memcached-protocol --with-zlib-dir=/ffp
make test
make install

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