Zyxel NSA310 info

Packages (compiled by me) for Zyxel NSA310:
Fonz Fun Plug repositories:
fonz		http://www.inreto.de/ffp/0.7/arm/PACKAGES.html
adrhc		https://adrhc.go.ro/ffp_0.7_packages/packages/
Mijzelf		http://downloads.zyxel.nas-central.org/Users/Mijzelf/FFP-Stick/packages/0.7/arm
Uli			rsync://funplug.wolf-u.li/funplug/0.7/arm/packages
Uli			http://funplug.wolf-u.li/0.7/arm/packages/ -> URL la care vad packages 
KyleK		http://kylek.is-a-geek.org:31337/files/ffp/0.7-arm
Memiks		http://ffp.memiks.fr/pkg/
barmalej2	http://downloads.zyxel.nas-central.org/Users/barmalej2/ffp/0.7/arm/packages

https://adrhc.go.ro/pkg/ffp/?0.7/arm,not_chrooted -> info page about Fonz Fun Plug

Pt a actualiza lista de site-uri cu rol de repository de packages ruleaza:
/zyxel/sbin/info_printenv -> info despre NSA310
dmesg -> display kernel messages


/i-data/.system/zyxelFrameworkLog -> log pt. NSA310
/ram_bin/etc/init.d/rcS2 -> principalul script de start NSA310
cat /etc/passwd | grep /bin/sh -> user cu drept de login
Trimitere mail (se configureaza inainte mailul din zona de NSA310 – log):
/usr/sbin/email_notify.sh by_command "subiect" "mesaj"
Prepare then start zypkg:
/etc/init.d/zypkg_controller.sh prepare_env
/etc/init.d/zypkg_controller.sh start
NSA310 start:
/init			(calls /linuxrc)
/linuxrc 		(binar linux)
/etc/init.d/rcS 	(/linuxrc runs /etc/init.d/rcS according to /etc/inittab)
	The main job of this script is ...
	1. Prepare the root file system.
	2. Mount system disk image from HDD.
	3. Handle the condition that there is not valid system disk image.
	4. adr: upgrade firmaware
	This script initializes almost all system services on HDD
	Starts crond (see also /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root)
	Add PTP camera
	/etc/init.d/zypkg_controller.sh prepare_env (prepare zypkg)
	/etc/init.d/zypkg_controller.sh start (start-up zypkgs)
	/usr/sbin/httpd -f /etc/service_conf/httpd.conf
	/usr/local/zy-pkgs/tmp/zypkg.log -> [booting] log aferent zypkg_controller.sh
	/usr/local/zy-pkgs/ffproot/after_booting.sh StartFFP -t zypkg -n "${NASTYPE}" -f "${FIRMWARE}"

/etc/samba/smb.conf -> configurate folderele video, photo, admin, …

Cron/crontab setup:

slacker -UaA uli:uwcron
/ffp/etc/cron.d/root -> este un fisier crontab
/ffp/start/uwcron.sh: stop apoi start -> aplica modificarea din /ffp/etc/cron.d/root
crontab -l -> aici se vede daca s-au aplicat modificarile

NSA310 & FFP (Fonz fun plug)
printenv -> info despre ffp on NSA310
Configuratii ce se reseteaza/suprascriu la start NSA310:

a) /etc/service_conf/httpd_zld.conf (web server solicita certificat)
b) stunnel /ffp/etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf (start stunnel)
c) scripturile din usr-local-zy-pkgs-ffproot-ffp-start rezolva a), b)

Log ffp:

Dezactiveaza /ffp/start/fp_master.sh !!! (produce o gramada de probleme)

You can install packages using a neat gui: slacker.

/ffp/bin/uwsiteloader.sh -> lista de site-uri cu package-uri
Refresh database: slacker -U
Install packages: slacker -i
Remove packages: slacker -r
And more: slacker -h

But there are also packages around which are not in repositories. You can download and install them manually:

wget url-to-package.txz
funpkg -i package.txz
wget polipo-1.0.4-arm-0.tgz
funpkg -i polipo-1.0.4-arm-0.tgz
funpkg -i linux-
funpkg -i mkvtoolnix-6.5.0-arm-1.tgz
funpkg -q mkvtoolnix -> afiseaza daca exista un packet “mkvtoolnix” instalat
funpkg -t /ffp/funpkg/cache/s/python-3.2.2-arm-1.txz -> afiseaza continutul

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